About Techplex

Techplex is a proud Australian business, based in the heart of Melbourne. We are more than just a supplier of high-tech LED horticultural lighting, we’re also a forward-thinking consultancy team with a wide array of expertise. Our seasoned professionals, from Mechatronics Engineers to Horticulturists and Botanists, leverage their unique perspectives to deliver tailored lighting solutions that match the ever-evolving market dynamics.

Our team is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovative design to bring you the latest and most advanced LED grow lights. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies like the Samsung LM301H, we ensure our products offer superior performance and longevity.

But it’s not just about selling products. At Techplex, we believe in offering a holistic service experience to our customers. That’s why, beyond product supply, we provide expert consultation and robust commercial project design that makes your horticultural journey seamless and successful.

While we’re headquartered in Melbourne, our products’ quality and efficiency have reached far and wide. We are pleased to be the trusted partner for horticulturists in Australia, Canada, and Japan. And we’re always looking to grow, just like the plants under our high-quality LED grow lights.

To ensure our commitment to you, we offer a 1-year Australian warranty for all our products. Further demonstrating our faith in our technology, we’re proud to announce that our new range of grow lights come with extended warranties of 3 and 5 years. With Techplex, you can trust in the longevity of our solutions and our dedication to your satisfaction.

So, when you choose Techplex, you can be assured of quality, reliability, and a team that genuinely cares for your horticultural needs.

Techplex – Lighting up your horticultural journey with leading-edge solutions.

Techplex ABN: 20687357518